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Known issues regarding hardware and firmware will be listed below or you can visit which is the Olympus Professional Dictation official Online Support website.

This may occur for some users if the battery has completely drained and/or has not been charged for some time

Solution: Download and run firmware update 1.11 from or use the link below 

Once the new firmware is installed, a fully discharged battery will be charged, but the screen may not show for anywhere up to 10-30minutes.
This is similar to a fully discharged mobile phone, once connected to power it may take a little while for the battery to charge sufficiency to resume usage.


If this does not resolve your issue, please Contact Us




We apologise if you are having trouble sending your dictation through the Olympus Dictation Portal i.e. your Smartphone App.  
Please be assured that we have advised Olympus of the situation and are currently waiting for an update from their developers who are working to resolve the issue.

Meantime, there is a temporary solution to minimise disruption during this time by opting to send your files via email. Please follow the step-by-step guide provided below (download PDF copy)

If your file(s) is sitting in the Outbox and can't be sent you will need to temporarily change your background settings as follows:

  1. Select the required file(s) in Outbox

    Select 'Move the file(s) to the Sent
    Are you sure you want to move this file to the Sent?  
    choose YES

  2. Go into the Settings (Cog)
    Change Communication Send from "to Server" to via E-mail
    < Settings  

    COMMUNICATION = Send via Email

  3. < Back
    Select Sent (folder) 
    Select File and choose Edit Copy

    Note: There is no need to Edit your dictation

  4. Tap on the Send / Upload icon (bottom screen)
    Select Send via E-Mail
  5. Enter recipients email address
    Subject: Dictation (can be changed if required)

    Please note that dictation files will be sent in your Phones recording format (m4a etc) 

File Conversion by the Typist:

As the file will be received in a non-standard or different format to how it would normally be received, it will be necessary to convert it to .wma or .dss format.  Please advise your typist of this, and provide them with the following link and these instructions on how to save and convert files:

  1. Open the email with attached dictation file(s)
    Save file(s) to 'Downloads' folder

  2. Download conversion software from (copy/paste link into browser)

  3. Use Add File in NCH Switch to select file(s) ready for conversion

  4. Convert files to .wma format
    Save converted files back into the 'Downloads' folder

  5. Open Olympus Transcription Module (TM) software 
    Drag/drop the converted .wma file from Downloads onto your Olympus TM screen.

Note1: If drag and drop doesn't work then untick 'Output to same folder' as the source file and change your 'Save to folder' to go directly into DSS folder.
Note2: File can be transcribed directly as a WMA file



To switch back to sending files via Server go to the Cog and select to Server





Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) Smartphone App

Through the 12month license period, portal notifications will be sent to the administrator (the person whose email address was used during setup) requesting renewal confirmation and providing updates. 
An overview of these including examples and the action required are detailed below. 

Guide to License Management & Renewals

  • The Olympus portal sends updates and notifications automatically; they are not sent by us.

  • Renewal Licenses can only be issued within 30 Days of the license expiry date.

  • If you renew/pay for your license early, you are not disadvantaged as the new 12months runs concurrently i.e. will follow on.

  • Licenses can only be issued on receipt of payment

  • Licenses cannot be canceled or refunded, we are unable to return them to the portal.

  • Pricing for a 12month license is $155+gst / $179 

  • A re-activation / Setup Fee of may apply if your license expired and needs to be set up again.

  • Password changes; we strongly recommend that you do not change your password if there are additional users on your Account.  Changing the password affects all Users.

Confirmation that your License renewal has been processed.

Action Required: 

example message...
Thank you very much for using the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service.

Your Standard has been successfully renewed as below, per your order.
Type of license: Standard
Renewed: 1 licenses
Not renewed: 0 licenses
New expiration date: 19/05/2020

Notification received when a manual renewal order is placed and processed.

Action Required:


Example message...
Your Standard has been successfully renewed as below, per your order.

Type of license: Standard
Renewed: 1 licenses
Not renewed: 0 licenses
New expiration date: 22/05/2020

Asking whether you want to renew your license; the portal requires that you (tick) the renewal box within 30days of the license expiry date. 
You will receive this message 60 Days prior (to expiry) which gives you 30 days to do this.

Action Required:
Login to the Portal 
Select your user profile place a tick beside your Names
Select Renew License from the Dashboard (L/H side)


Example message…
Thank you very much for using the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service.

The renewal check box to renew the following licenses will be disabled in 30 days for proper renewal processes.
Expiration date: 28/06/2019
The license expiration date: 28/07/2019
Type of license: Standard
Renew checked: 0 licenses
Renew unchecked: 2 licenses
Please login to the Olympus Dictation Portal  to check/uncheck the renewal check box before the check box is disabled for the renewal process

Notification sent 7 Days prior to the expiry your Free 30 Day Trial License

Action Required:
Contact your Dealer to advise whether you wish to purchase a 12month License (continue using the service).
This must be done prior to the expiry dated to avoid setup fees.

Example message…
Thank you very much for using the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service.

Your Trial will expire in seven days.
If you wish to continue to use the service, please order new licenses from the Olympus Dictation Portal

This confirms the status of your renewal.

If you have “ticked” the renewal box the system will automatically be updated and notify your Dealer that you wish to renew. They will then request payment from you and process the renewal order.

If you haven’t “ticked” the renewal box then you will need to manually order a renewal license from the Portal URL:
Your Dealer will then request payment from you and process the renewal order.

Action Required:
If you want to keep using the service, contact your Dealer and advise them.

Note: Most Dealers will charge a set-up fee if your license expires and it needs to be reconfigured.


Example messages…
Thank you very much for using the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service.

The renewal period has ended and your renewal has been confirmed as shown below.

Renewal Box 'unticked'

Renewal Box was "ticked"

Renew checked: 0 licenses

Renew unchecked: 1 licenses

Original expiration date: 26/06/2019

Renew checked: 1 licenses

Renew unchecked: 0 licenses

Original expiration date: 22/06/2019

New expiration date for the checked licenses: 22/06/2020

Confirmation that a new 12month License has been issued to your account in the portal. 
You will receive this when you upgrade your trial license to a 12month license or adding a new user to your account.

Action Required:
Adding a new user to an existing account... follow the steps provided (see email below) i.e. you will need to install the Dictation App software and input your user name and password.

Migrating a Trial License to a 12month license - login to the portal URL: you will be prompted “Do you want to migrate the settings” Select Yes


Example message…
DDL Dealer has issued licenses as below.
Type of license issued: Standard
The number of license issued: 1
The license expiration date: 21/05/2020
PO Number: xxx new user
Item Number: ODDS License

To start using your licenses, please take the following steps.
1. Login to the Olympus Dictation Portal.
2. Complete the dictation file delivery setting on Smartphone List in the Olympus Dictation Portal.
3. Download the Olympus Dictation for iPhone/Android app to your smartphones.
4. Enter following information in the fields in the Settings tab of the app to activate the app.
   Smartphone login ID: xxx
   Smartphone password: The password you created
   The e-mail address of the user of each smartphone

This message is automatically generated from the portal. It's simply confirming that your renewal license has been issued by your Provider.

Action required: 


example message...
DDL Dealer has processed your license renewal order.
Number of renewed license(s):1
These licenses will take effect after the expiry of your existing licence(s).