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DSS Player Standard for Mac

Olympus now provides online installation software.
Please select the software (Windows or Mac) which you require for your installation.  As part of the install and setup process, you will be asked to enter your license key.  These keys are unique and not known to us so please ensure you keep them in a safe place for future reference and/or reinstalls.

If reinstalling older software, you may still require installation from the original disk and license code. If reinstalling software to a new computer... we strongly recommend that you check to ensure compatibility prior to installation view compatibility charts.

If you require assistance, please contact your Authorised Olympus Pro Audio Dealer or your IT Support.

DSS Player for Mac

  • DSS Player for Mac V7.7.3
    This software combines both Dictation and Transcription solutions providing playback of dictation and organising and editing of voice files
    Support for DS-9500/9000 devices has been added
    Support for DS-2600 has been added
    Support for the RecMic II range has been added

    Installer enables installation of the latest DSS Player for Mac V7.5.4 software. This new version adds compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) operating system and Catalina 10.15
    Note: An existing software license is required for installation.

  • DSS Player Lite "Free" version
    Using the free DSS Player Lite you can be sure that your DSS files can be opened by any recipient; colleagues, business partners or family members.
    Simply include a copy of DSS Player Lite or a link to the Olympus software download page with your e‑mail. Once you have installed the DSS Player Lite, receiving a DSS "voice" mail becomes as simple as receiving a regular e‑mail.
    download DSS Player Lite for Mac

Patches & Updates