Because Words Matter

Spend Your Time Wisely

Successful organisations and individuals know where and how to prioritise their time.

You might not have thought about how long you spend on a keyboard, but it will be three times longer than if you had spoken the same words.

You’ve got more important things to do with your time than transcribing your notes.

At Dictation, we believe dictating empowers you to spend more time doing the things you love.

Accurate, Reliable Digital Recording Devices

With the rise of mobile phones and voice recording apps, you might think that digital voice recorders have had their day.

Instead, the failings of built-in dictation functionality have reinforced the success of digital voice recorders.

We've talked to many lawyers, doctors, business owners, and executives about finding ways to be more present, effective, and less stressed.

By enabling them to record conversations, sounds, and ideas easily, our digital voice recorders ensure accurate transcription into written words, making the process reliable and seamless.

Supporting New Zealand businesses for over 30 years.

Dictation Distributors Limited (DDL) has been at the forefront of technology for four decades, providing dictation devices to New Zealand businesses. We’re a family-owned business built on trust, knowledge, and innovation. Our journey in the industry has been nothing short of transformative, and we are proud to share it with you.


Our story begins with Dawn, who Fountain Corporation employed as a Product Manager for Olympus Voice Products. Her passion for technology and commitment to enhancing productivity solutions led her to become an integral part of the team.


Three years into her journey with Fountain Corporation, Dawn took a giant leap of faith and acquired the distribution rights for Olympus Voice Products. She registered Dictation Distributors Limited, setting the foundation of our family business.


In alignment with the technological shift, DDL welcomed the world launch of Olympus Digital Voice Recorders and Software. We were among the first to offer cutting-edge digital dictation solutions to New Zealand businesses.


Olympus partners with IBM to incorporate Via Voice (Voice Recognition) software, providing our clients with the latest in dictation solutions.


Trudy, now the owner of DDL, launched Digital Business Solutions, becoming a crucial reseller for DDL.


Keeping up with the changing times, Olympus ceased manufacturing Microcassette tapes. DDL transitioned seamlessly into offering more advanced digital solutions.


We celebrated the world launch of the ODDS Dictation Smartphone App for iOS and Android, bridging the gap between traditional dictation devices and emerging smartphone technology.


After years of being a reseller, Trudy started working directly for DDL. Her transition signified a new chapter in the business, bringing fresh perspectives to our offerings.


In line with evolving industry trends, Olympus Dictation rebranded itself as OM Solutions. We welcomed this change and continued our trusted partnership under the new banner.


Dawn retired after serving New Zealand businesses for almost four decades, passing the baton to Trudy. The transition marked a new era for DDL while upholding the principles and values that the company was founded on.

DDL continues to stay ahead of the curve today, delivering state-of-the-art dictation solutions.

Our rich history, marked by an unwavering commitment to our customers, validates our credibility and expertise in the industry. As we look towards the future, we promise to uphold our legacy of trust and knowledge while continuously striving for excellence.