OM SYSTEM: The new name for Olympus Audio in New Zealand

Trudy Woolley
April 3, 2024
3 Min Read

Dictation Distributors, the premier distributor of Olympus Dictation Products in New Zealand since 1986, is thrilled to announce the transition of Olympus audio products to the OM System brand. This significant rebranding marks a new era in advanced audio solutions, with the first products under the new name already launched in the market.

As part of this exciting transition, OM System has introduced the VN-541PC, LS-P5, WS-882, and WS-883, and is pleased to announce the introduction of ODMS Cloud on April 2nd. This innovative platform is the successor to the Olympus Dictation Delivery System (ODDS) and represents a significant upgrade in dictation and transcription technology in New Zealand. Additionally, the full range of Olympus products is set to be refreshed with the OM System branding and new software in the near future, promising a comprehensive line-up of professional dictation solutions.

"Embracing the OM System brand reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the best in audio recording and transcription solutions," said Trudy Woolley, Managing Director of Dictation Distributors. "We are excited to be launching these new OM System products into the NZ marketplace. We know that many of our clients are keen to get their hands on the ODMS Cloud Dictation App starting April 2nd."

The introduction of these products under the OM System branding not only continues the legacy of Olympus's high standards but also paves the way for future innovations in the audio industry. DictationDistributors remains dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service, ensuring a smooth transition for customers to the OM System era. 

For further details on the OM System branded products and ODMS Cloud, please visit or contact us.

About Dictation Distributors 

Since 1986, Dictation Distributors has stood at the forefront of the professional dictation and transcription industry in New Zealand. Known for its quality, reliability, and outstanding customer service, the company has been a proud distributor of Olympus Dictation Products for over three decades. With the introduction of the OM System brand, Dictation Distributors continues to innovate and lead in providing top-tier dictation and transcription solutions.