Olympus DS-2600 Digital Voice Recorder


DS-2600 - Professional Dictation made simple and stress free Your switch to digital dictation. Fast and easy. Do you want to work faster and more efficiently? Using your voice instead of taking notes manually? Then make the switch: The DS-2600 is your personal digital solution. As an easy-to-use dictation device, it ensures greater efficiency in everyday work. Whether you’re in a meeting, on your own or on the road, the DS-2600 supports you in your documentation and recording workflow.


High Quality Performance in an Easy to Use Device

Give efficiency a lift in your workplace with the stylish and robust Olympus DS-2600 digital dictation recorder. Ideal for busy independent professionals, this powerful tool lets dictations and notes be taken both at the desk and on the go.

Slide Control, full editing, intelligent dual microphone system to eliminate background noise.

The DS-2600 is supplied with USB cable, lithium battery cables and Olympus DSS Player Standard R2 Dictation License Key.

Comfortable Transcription with AS-2400

If you would like to transcribe your dictations, then the transcription kit AS-2400 should be your choice. Included are comfortable stereo headphones and a foot pedal to operate the software, leaving your hands free for fast typewriting.

In case the meeting does get bigger…

If you want to record a bigger conference, you can expand the reach by connecting one or more external microphones to the DS-2600. Up to six ME-33 boundary microphones can be connected in parallel or in series.

In The Box
  • DS-2600 Digital Voice Recorder
  • KP-30 micro USB Cable
  • LI-92B Lithium Battery (rechargeable)
  • CS-151 Carry Case
  • Olympus Player Standard R2 Dictation License Key
CR21 Docking Cradle
F-5AC Adaptor

F-5AC Adaptor

Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit
ME33 Conference

ME33 Conference


Stay intuitive with the 4-position slide switch

The slide switch enables easy and intuitive operation, allowing you to focus your thoughts on your dictation. Start, stop and edit your dictations easily via the robust slide switch without even looking at the device. This way, dictation is not only possible while sitting, but also on the move.

Easy dictation management with DSS Player Standard

The DS-2600 comes with the DSS Player Standard (Mac & PC). This user-friendly software gives a complete overview of all your dictations to get your dictations managed easily. It also automatically imports your dictations from the voice recorder to your computer.

High Quality Low-Noise Microphone

The new DS series incorporates low noise omni-directional microphones and a shock absorber covers the microphone unit to minimize touch noises from your hand.

New! Including directional stereo recording

During meetings, many people often talk in confusion and from different directions. No one is in a position to take notes so quickly and structured. The DS-2600 is especially suitable for capturing all your conferences. You can record your meetings with ease, but still in outstanding quality.