Sound and Playback Issues

When I press the Foot Control, no sound comes through my headset. How can I fix this?

Step 1

When you press the “Listen/Play” button on the Foot Control, is the Position Indicator moving in the DSS Player Pro Transcription Module?

If it is, the Foot Control is working OK and the sound file is playing, but with no volume/sound through headset.

  • Check to see if the PC volume is muted, or turned down.
  • Check that the headset is plugged in tightly into the PC headset port.
  • The headset may be faulty - swap the headset with another one.

If not, The Foot Control may have stopped working, or the PC sound card may not be working. Go to Step 2.

Step 2

Can you play the sound file by clicking on the “Play” button using the mouse?

If it is, the sound file is playing OK, but the Foot Control is not working.

  • Check that the Foot Control is plugged in tightly.
  • Check how the Foot Control is physically connected to the PC (via USB or
    Serial). If you are using Olympus Dictation Management System
    Transcription Module v6, DSS Player Pro Transcription Module v5 or DSS
    Player Standard Transcription Module v1/v2, please ensure you are using
    USB connection. If you are using another software version, check “Tools –
    Foot Switch Settings” and ensure this setting matches the physical
    connection. If it doesn’t, change it.
  • If the USB connection is used, unplug the Foot Control from the PC and then
    reconnect. Try the same port and, if unsuccessful, try another USB port.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Refer to Foot Control Not Working guide.

If not, the PC sound card may not be working or there may be a problem with the sound file. Go to Step 3.

Step 3

Can you play other sound files? Open the Windows Control Panel and choose “Sounds and Audio Devices”. Click on the “Sound” tab, then choose a sound related to a Program Event and try to play it. Can you hear the sound?

If it is, your PC sound is working OK.

  • There may be some corruption within the particular sound file in the Transcription Module. Try playing another file.
  • A Windows 10 update has affected ODMS R6 TM.
    Go to Control Panel – Sound- Playback Tab - make sure only one option is enabled. Disabled all other options. For example keep 'Speaker / HP’ as enabled.
    In the Transcription Module go to Tools – Select Speaker – click on PC Speaker

If not, the PC sound card is not producing sound.

  • Try rebooting the PC.
  • Try loading new drivers for the sound card.
  • Try swapping out the sound card.